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Curtis Christiansen
Residing In Fruit Heights,, UT USA
Occupation Dishwasher
Yes! Attending Reunion

A lot has happened since the last reunion especially. I work for the Temple Square Hospitality Corp. which includes the Lion House & Joseph Smith Memorial Buildings. Back in march 2015 I received my {"20 year Award"} for service at the company. It (the company) is owned by a Branch of the LDS Church. I work with so many people from other countries. They are all really nice. Also this coming December (2016), I will be celebrating my 25th Season Scorekeeping Church Basketball at my LDS Ward Building. I would LOVE to have some of my Classmates come Watch a Game or 2 if you Want. My best friend since I Was in 8th Grade and he was in 7th, is also Helping me. He has been my BFF and helper for 22 of the 23 years.
I have also had one of my many church Callings for 30 years. {"Which I may say is VERY "UN COMMON" especially in the LDS Church but I love it!!!!!!"}

UPDATE FROM EARLIER COMMENTS: On Jan 28th , 2017 I Was honored with a plaque and a Signed bball for my 25 year service for Church bball in the LDS Church. As the season (even playoffs) ended I had a major Health Prob. {"Major to me"}. I had fallen at home Twice . Once off the computer Room Chair, the other just Walking through the Kitchen to get ready to run errands with mom. The 2nd time, My mom contacted 1 of my 4 brothers, he called another brother, mom also called my dad. I got taken to ER @ McKay Dee On St. Patties Day. I was up there for 4 hours. Diagnosed with Upper Resperatory Virus (close to the lungs)and something else to do with my legs. I had to be off work for atleast 2 weeks legs propped up so the Rocking Chair in front Room was my bed {"LOL"} for 2 weeks . Right now as of Apr 11, 2017 I had been back to work for 3 days and I am about 85-90% of normal. {"MY NORMAL"} TO ME. I still have a bad cough, but not as bad as before.

I also Want to add a VERY Special Thank You to the Committee for arranging this Reunion coming up in 2016.

School Story

I Was mainly an Outsider looking in so to Speak. I grew up in The Fruit Heights area all my life. Before Age 7 I Was in W. Kaysville. So I really ONLY knew No more than just a small handful of classmates by Graduation. If I Didnt get Held back and Went to the School in Our Boundaries , I would have Graduated Davis Class of 85 . I am Thankful for my friends @ Layton for accepting me. I Was ONLY at Layton for my Jr & Sr years.

Since the 30th Reunion I Was able to meet Quite a few more friends and I Want to express my Thanks and Gratitude for those on the 30th Reunion Committee. When I Was talking to someone prior to the reunion, They promised me I would meet more ppl. Well it worked. I probably gained about 20-25 more friends Maybe 30. And found out That most were on Facebook. So THANKS TONS for all your friendships.

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Hey Jennifer, How are you??? Are you coming to the Reunion?? Would love to see you. Remember when you sang with MoTab @ the JSMB for the 100 Anniversary??? I have been looking for you since. Please contact me. My e-mail is
Are you in town or Still in Vegas???

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I am Just curious, but of the Lancer Alumni I know , And I may meet more @ Reunion, I Was wondering if there are any interested Friends That would be interested in "Possibly" helping me celebrate a Milestone in the LDS Church ,church callings Either this fall or winter. Date NOT decided yet. BUT, I will begin my {"25th Season"} of scorekeeping Church Basketball This coming Winter and I Was told by Others this comment: You let us know When its getting close and WE will provide the Big Party(s) Meaning possibly more than 1. Who knows. When I started or Was in my "20th" They called a newspaper Reporter And did a Story on my friend and I . Please let me know if you may be interested so I can keep track . I will bring a copy of Newspaper Article to Reunion.

Mar 17, 2016 at 12:26 AM

OK Here I go. I just got done Scorekeeping my "24th" basketball season for the LDS Church in my neighborhood. My profile pic has 1 thing to do about it. This coming Fall or Winter Will begin my BIG {"25th"} season. I would LOVE to have some of my fellow Alumni Come see (us) my best friend and I in action come the fall or Winter of 2016. I was told by many of my friends/neighbors that there WILL be celebrations/parties to help commemorate my "25th" season. You can facebook me for more info . On top of that I dont know how many of my facebook friends saw That I posted a link for Weber St Sharing and Liking the post. We were planning on going up to Watch Weber play in the SR night Game to Where they were going to add some players/coaches etc.......... from years past to The Weber St. Hall of Fame. One of those players Was My Mom's Boss's dad. We Mainly went up for that but I got selected as a "contestant" for a Game during a Time out. Well, I won. I Won a $50 Smiths Gift Card. If you Want more info etc....... message me on Facebook. I will tell you about the person I Was going against.

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